PJR Partnerships

PJR strives to deliver dependable, cutting-edge services to our valued customers. For this reason, PJR is partnered with the leaders in the computing, storage, and networking industries.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco is a multinational technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment designed to maintain your business's competitiveness amidst new technological advances. By partnering with Cisco, PJR is able to provide the best solutions to fit all your networking and IT infrastructure needs! 

Oracle Corporation 

Oracle offers an integrated array of applications, databases, servers, storage, and cloud technologies to empower modern business. For most companies, flexibility is critical. Oracle provides a wide choice of software, systems, and cloud deployment models to ensure that technology flexes to the unique needs of a business. 

FireEye, Inc.

FireEye is the premier cyber security and malware protection company. FireEye takes a three-pronged approach to cyber security, combining innovative security technologies, world-renowned expertise, and deep threat intelligence capabilities. PJR has partnered with FireEye in order to address the entire security operations lifecycle: before, during, and after an attack.