Complexity and dependence on digitial networks is growing exponentially, stressing the need for integrated tools that allow users to motnitor performance, diagnose problems, and optimize their networks. Our performance monitoring solutions, like ADVANCE, provide immediate benefit and an extensible framework to meet these requirements in a simple, visual, easy to understand matter. Learn more here.

Successfully maintaining your business requires protected, usable, reliable data. Our consulting services are designed to maximize the efficiency of your organization's data center, on a day-to-day and long-term basis. 

Our expertise in network engineering, cyber security, and IT infrastructure optimization provides us with the tools to allow us to offer IT services specifically designed to aid government officials in coping with the challenges of globalization, economic uncertainty, emerging technologies, and more. For information on PJR's access to government contract vehicles, click here.


Maintaining, developing, and protecting your company's technology and data capabilities can be difficult. Having to deal with unseen problems, upgrades, and implementation is a challenge in itself. But having to maintain the resources for an in-house networking department and the expense can be truly overwhelming. That is where PJR becomes an invaluable partner.

We provide a full battery of networking solutions and IT consulting services to ensure your company runs optimally, at all times. Our certified technicians are available for on-site and remote services round the clock.

Malware and viruses are of great concern to any company. We use the most advanced technology, techniques, and protection software to stave off attacks and malicious software from harming your business. Learn more here